Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remembering Jay Colton

For anyone who would like to give their condolences to the Colton Family, please send a card in lieu of flowers. Addresses below:

Jay's Family:
Moira and Christopher Colton
155 Chambers St. #5
New York, NY 10007

Jay's Mother:
Sanae Yamazaki Colton
45 East End Ave.Apt 10B
New York, NY 10028


  1. I am very sad to hear of the passing of Jay Colton. May God take the good deeds and give him His best place in heaven.
    Andrea Star Reese Barnstorm XXI

  2. This is the first I learned of Jay's passing. It makes me very sad as he has been an inspiration to me for many years. I met him a few times in the past and every time was like a refueling of my photographic soul. His passing is hard, but I am also very happy to have met him when I did and that he has been a part of my life. My best wishes go to his family.

  3. Jay was my friend.... blessed with exceptional talent, warmth, kindness and love. The beauty of his soul will live on. For those of us who were touched by his graces - we are truly privileged. Thank you, Jay. It is difficult to say, "Good Bye". I will miss you.
    With sincere wishes to your family.
    Jamie Myhre

  4. wonderfully encouraging conversations with this good gentleman :)
    christopher porzio

  5. This is very nice of you to post. It's good that his family will get cards.